Section of Rundell Street, Ararat, to be sealed

Posted Wednesday 20 March, 11:51am

A section of Rundell Street in Ararat will be sealed with Ararat Rural City Council seeking a financial contribution from GWM Water to help pay for the project.

The Council considered a plan to seal a section of the road at its meeting on Tuesday night after receiving a petition from local residents concerned about dust and noise issues. A GWM Water depot is located on the block east of Maude Street with heavy vehicles regularly using the thoroughfare.

CEO Dr Tim Harrison said Council seek a 30% contribution from GWM Water to pay for the work, which would cost around $110,000.

Dr Harrison said that at Tuesday night’s meeting, the Council made a decision to seal a 107-metre-long section of the street east of Maude Street and seek a financial contribution from GWM Water.

“The Council made an informed decision on the request after assessing the cost against the issues residents are experiencing,” he said.

“The work would include road sealing, improved drainage and the installation and replacement of culverts to properties along the section of street.”

Dr Harrison said the section of the street has two residential dwellings and two commercial properties, with trucks regularly entering the GWM Water depot and exiting on to Maude Street after filling with water.

He said sealing the road would resolve the dust issue and would improve the maintenance requirements associated with unsealed roads.

Above: file photo of a road sealing project.