E-waste ban in landfill to be introduced July 1

Posted Tuesday 11 June, 12:34pm

Ararat Rural City Council is reminding residents that e-waste can no longer be disposed of in landfill from 1 July 2019 when a State Government ban is introduced.

Electronic or e-waste – any item that has an electrical cord, plug or uses batteries to operate – is growing three times faster than the rate of standard municipal waste, and contains many potentially hazardous and valuable materials that don’t belong in landfill.

Ararat Rural City Council CEO Dr Tim Harrison said the State Government is introducing the ban to protect the environment and recover more precious resources.

“Households these days accumulate a large number of broken, replaced and unwanted electronic items from televisions, mobile phones and computers to children’s toys and white goods,” he said.

“The ban means that e-waste can no longer be disposed of in any bin so we are encouraging residents to use the e-waste recycling facilities at the Ararat Transfer Station.”

Dr Harrison said construction of an e-waste storage shed at the Ararat Transfer Station has just been completed to accommodate the expected increase in e-waste recycling because of the ban. This project was completed with a State Government grant.

“The Council is also in the process of tendering for a similar storage shed at the Lake Bolac Transfer Station, also paid for with a government grant,” he said.

“There is a cost associated with dropping off e-waste to the recycling stations, and will be, once the 2019/2020 budget has been approved, $10 per small item and $25 for large items. This cost is to help cover the costs of reprocessing these items.”

More information about the e-waste ban can be found on the Sustainability Victoria website at www.sustainability.vic.gov.au