Ararat Town Hall to host The Sapphires

Posted Thursday 29 August, 03:44pm

The stage play of the much-loved Australian story, The Sapphires, will play at the Ararat Town Hall next week.

The Sapphires has won multiple awards as a play, film and soundtrack album, with the stage play currently on a national tour. It will be presented at the Ararat Town Hall on Friday September 6.

Ararat Rural City Council CEO Dr Tim Harrison said the show was sure to be a sell out and encouraged people to get their tickets through the Ararat Town Hall website.

The Sapphires tells the story of four young Yorta Yorta female singers who suddenly get the chance to change their tune and their lives. Wearing uniforms of sequins, armed only with microphones, they find themselves trying to spread joy in the hell that is the Vietnam War.

The Sapphires is a funny, heart-warming tale inspired by the true story of writer director Tony Briggs’ mother. It tells of the incredible journey of a group of four Yorta Yorta women who sing classic soul hits against the backdrop of personal change and massive social upheaval. It is an energetic, fun and engaging play that affirms life and the realisation of dreams.

Mr Briggs said this incarnation of his work is a version he promises will be the most intimate telling of The Sapphires yet.

“I hope the audience will feel a fresh sense of connection to a story that has already successfully infiltrated the psyche of the Australian theatre and movie-going public,” Mr Briggs said.

“I also hope the audience gets a sense of joy and an understanding of who Aboriginal people are, and walk away from The Sapphires with a smile on their faces.”