Ararat to bloom in spring

Posted Friday 10 September, 02:25pm

Ararat Rural City Council is greening spaces across the CBD with roundabouts and landmarks to be adorned with flowers, bringing life and colour back to the streets.

Council chief executive Dr Tim Harrison said the enhancements carried out during lockdown will transform Ararat, brightening up and attracting more traffic to town.

“Residents may have noticed our Parks & Gardens team planting new garden beds in the front of and around Alexandra Gardens,” Dr Harrison said.

“Over the week, around 200 flowers have been planted across Alexandra Gardens, including 36 roses and 40 natives such as Callistemons, Hakeas, Agonis, added to the native garden beds.

“If you walk past the Horseshoe Gardens, you’ll notice 50 Osteospermums have been planted to create a carpet of colour that will flower all year round.

“Alexandra Gardens is a treasured park for our community; we are hoping to get people out and about to enjoy the blossoms as we come into the warmer months.

“Over down on Barkly Street, planting for two bright and colourful roundabouts featuring purple Dianellas, Acacia Leaves and Gallipoli Roses have kicked off this week.

“Two roundabouts on Barkly Street and the roundabout at High and Banfield Streets are getting a refresh to fit with the ambience of our town,” Dr Harrison continued.

“The team will look to plant seedlings outside Ararat Town Hall once the roundabout plantings are complete.

“Where possible, Council uses Victorian-grown flowers, plants and shrubs, selecting plants that are easy to maintain.

“We’ve had a great response from residents in the past years – for bringing greenery and colour into the city centre and providing a haven for our bees and butterflies.

“Once restrictions ease, bringing people back to the CBD safely will add to the region’s economic recovery. The flower gardens will add a splash of colour and create a buzz, attracting visitors to our rural town,” he concluded.