Ararat Arts Precinct Redevelopment - Branding Review

The Ararat Arts Precinct redevelopment has prompted a review of the existing brands. What are your thoughts?

The Ararat Arts Precinct redevelopment will establish a regionally significant arts destination at the Ararat Town Hall that offers major exhibitions and performances and attracts conferences and events to the region. Ararat Performing Arts Centre (PAC) will have its theatre technically upgraded, a new green room built and its foyer refurbished. Ararat Regional Art Gallery (gallery) will celebrate its 50th year in 2018, and, for the first time, will be able to showcase its nationally significant collection of textile art in new and refurbished spaces. The project is funded through a partnership between the Victorian Government ($3.7 million), the Federal Government ($945,000) and Ararat Rural City Council.  Almost $80,000 has also been donated by community members and further donations are sought. 

The scale and ambition of this project has prompted a review of the existing PAC and gallery brands.  This is to ensure both organisations are best placed to develop audiences and increase visitation and engagement on re-opening in 2018. Gravity Design were engaged to lead a review of current PAC and gallery brands.   Consultation with key stakeholders occurred and Gravity then prepared a review with recommendations for rebranding and conceptually reframing the respective PAC and ARAG brand identities.  

The review proposed some changes to the names of both organisations. Ararat Performing Arts Centre would become Ararat Regional Theatre (ART).  The new name differentiates it from other regional presenters who also use the acronym PAC. It also signals a move from passive presenter to active producer, which is a future-focussed proposition that better reflects the renewal of its artistic direction. 

Ararat Regional Art Gallery would become Ararat Gallery – returning to the name it was known as between 1968 and 2005.  Ararat Gallery would also have a sub-brand - TAMA: Textile Art Museum Australia, in which to capitalise on its national textile art reputation.  The redevelopment is focussed on the gallery attracting external visitation through its ability to share its extensive textile collection for the first time to establish it as a major attractor of visitation to the region. The gallery will therefore be known as Ararat Gallery: TAMA.

Ararat Gallery: TAMA and Ararat Regional Theatre will be positioned under the banner of the Ararat Cultural Precinct.  

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I wish to add my support to the proposal of the re branding of the Ararat Regional Art Gallery . I have been visiting the gallery since the early 1980's. I regularly volunteer at the gallery and am a current member of the Ararat Regional Art Gallery Advisory Committee. The gallery holds an outstanding textile collection for which it has a national and international reputation. The expanded gallery will create long awaited new space to showcase the collection. This will undoubtedly increase visitor numbers to the gallery and the region. The gallery will celebrate its fiftieth year in 2018 a perfect time to re launch as Ararat Gallery - Textile Art Museum Australia and take its well deserved place as a leading regional gallery in Australia which the Ararat community can be proud of.
I wish to support the branding of the Ararat Gallery: TAMA . As a longtime visitor to the gallery and Ararat resident I believe it reflects the nature of the gallery and its valuable collection which has been carefully developed over many years. I believe the rebrand will also highlight the gallery to the wider arts community and patrons and attract more visitation to the region and city of Ararat with the very high standard of exhibitions that are held there. I believe our Gallery is of international standard and should be promoted accordingly. The redevelopment of the Ararat Cultural Precinct is a valuable addition to the cultural life of Ararat and can only add to the attraction for local and overseas visitors to the region. Congratulations to all concerned.
Regarding the potential for the re-branding of Ararat Regional Art Gallery, I understand there is a 'TAMA' proposal (Textile Art Museum Australia) as a sub-brand for what would more simply be known as Ararat Gallery. I support this concept. My long history in the textile arts in Australia (as CEO of The Australian Forum for Textile Arts Ltd, and editor of 116 issues of 'Textile Fibre Forum' magazine) has shown me that there is a great deal of strength in this art form and a vast amount of interest at all levels of practice. I am well aware of ARAG's history in collecting textiles and it seems that with the creation of the Arts Precinct there is a prime opportunity to promote the Ararat Gallery's textile specialisation and to position it as the leading regional gallery in Australia in this area. I am very interested in becoming part of the discussion that is now commencing and look forward to learning more about developments.
I have had the privilege of working as a volunteer at the Art Gallery for a number of years, which has made me aware of how important Ararat's textile collection is nationally and even internationally. Visitors have come from all over to Ararat just to see some of it, and regrettably have sometimes been disappointed, as the lack of space meant none of the permanent collection was "out" at the time. I am delighted that the new gallery will have something to see all year around, as well as the usual exciting round of exhibitions. Not to mention real coffee on the premises, and decent toilets!

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