Façade Improvement Grants Scheme - CLOSED

The Ararat Rural City Council Façade Improvement Grants Scheme is part of Council’s plan to assist businesses to make improvements to their facades.
All businesses located in the commercial area of a town within the Ararat Rural City that has street frontage will be eligible for a grant from Council on a $1:1 basis up to $5,000.
Businesses would be able to contribute over the $5,000 amount if they wish to complete more significant works but still will only be eligible for $5,000 from Council. 
Opening dates for the 2020/21 Facade Grants are yet to be announced.

Facade Funding Application



Submit this Application and all other required documentation by 12 February 2020
It is also recommended that you contact Council to discuss whether a planning permit is required for the works you plan to undertake
Report prepared for Council to consider all applications made to the program
Council may contact the applicant if further information is required
Decision made by Councillors at Council Meeting on successful applications
Council will notify all successful and non-successful applicants by mail
Applicant to carry out works by 31 May 2020 as per the application and agreement letter
Businesses must submit all associated documentation including invoices and proof of works so that Council can reimburse agreed expenses
All claims must be submitted by 31 May 2020 so the grant can be acquitted in the 2019-2020 financial year