Mayoral & Councillor Allowances Review

Section 74 of the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act) provides that a Council must  review and determine the level of the Councillor and Mayoral allowances within the period of 6 months after a general election or by the next 30 June, whichever is later.

Ararat Rural City Council proposes to set the Councillor and Mayoral Allowances for the next four years at the maximum levels for a Category 1 Council.  The maximum allowances are currently $21,049 for Councillors and $62,884 for the Mayor. These will be subject to any change by the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal.

An amount equivalent to the superannuation guarantee contribution under Commonwealth taxations legislation (currently 9.5%) is payable in addition to the allowance amounts.

Submissions are invited on the Council’s proposal to determine Mayoral and Councillor allowances.  Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Ararat Rural City Council, PO Box 246, Ararat 3377.  Submissions may also be hand delivered to the Municipal Offices, 59 Vincent Street, Ararat, or emailed to

All submissions received on or before 17 April 2021 will be considered by Council in accordance with Section 223 of the Act.

A person making a submission may request in their submission that they wish to appear in person or to be represented by a person specified in the submission, to be heard in support of their submission. Submissions will be heard at the Council Meeting on Tuesday 20 April 2021, at the Alexandra Oval Community Centre, 1 Waratah Avenue, Ararat, commencing at 6pm.

For further information, please contact Jenny Woolcock, Governance and Administration Coordinator on 5355 0261 or