Cr Jo Armstrong - Mayor

Tell us about your background? (Family, career, professional experiences)

Born and raised in NZ, I met my husband Pete backpacking overseas and overcame my dislike of heat and flies to settle here 26 years ago. We have one daughter and three sons who all share our family love of gathering at a table laden with food and trying to fit a word in edgeways!

What are your most enjoyable hobbies/interests?

I am a keen reader and aim to be a life-long learner although I admit I will never master the art of applying a screen protector.

What do you see as the biggest strengths within the municipality of the Ararat Rural City and what is your vision for the next four years?

Living and farming in the Yalla-Y-Poora / Tatyoon district over the past 26 years has shown me the generosity, good humour and resilience of our rural communities. These are strengths often underestimated and taken for granted. Along with many rural councils we need to do a better job of maintaining vital foundation services such as roads servicing our municipality’s major income source: food and fibre production. Building regional relationships is key to furthering Ararat Rural City’s interests. Council must do its best to maximise opportunities for economic development balanced with a long-term view to capacity and sustainability.

The ‘heart’ of Western Victoria is a great place to live, work and play and I hope we Councillors build a plan to retain and attract more people to our part of the world!

Official Council appointments:

  • Western Highway Action Committee
  • Ararat Regional Art Gallery Advisory Committee
  • Community Engagement Advisory Committee
  • Streatham Memorial Hall Committee of Management
  • Westmere Progress Association Committee of Managment
  • Yalla-Y-Poora Community Centre Committee of Management

Cr Armstrong can be contacted on:

Mobile: 0437 132 896