Cr Fay Hull

Tell us about your background? (Family, career, professional experiences)

I grew up in the north west of NSW where my father had a small business and I went to local schools, completing year 12. This was unusual for girls at that time, but my father was determined his daughters had a good education.

My working life began in Sydney in the banking sector until I married a farmer and returned to the north west where our two daughters were born. My husband had to stop farming for health reasons and he then entered the agricultural machinery industry. We moved frequently with his work and so while raising our daughters I worked in many areas of private enterprise - newspapers, legal firms, garages, for a Defence force contractor, as business consultant as well as in local and federal government positions.

After living in various places in NSW and QLD we came to Ararat 28 years ago and Ararat is now the longest I have lived in the one place!

As a mature age student, I completed a business degree gaining a double major in Professional Accounting and Local Government Management. This has been of enormous benefit during my working career, as a councillor and my terms as Mayor.

What are your most enjoyable hobbies/interests?

The theatre – drama, ballet, opera, and musical comedy, and I am an avid reader of widely different types of books, however, these days crime novels head the list. I love dining out when I can and trying different cuisines. Gardening is enjoyable when I can fit it in and I love all forms of music. My first venture into the community when I came to Ararat was to join Ararat Musical Comedy, purely behind the scenes, volunteering in wardrobe, props, and dressing the lead. Despite my father having his own swing band, and seven years of classical piano tuition I have no talent for it and am tone deaf, I can’t sing to save my life! I have a continuing interest in politics at all levels of government.

What do you see as the biggest strengths within the municipality of the Ararat Rural City and what is your vision for the next four years?

This municipality has continued to hold its own despite severe droughts, the closure of many government enterprises in the 1990’s and a number of economic downturns. This is due to the hard work of its citizens, and the foresight and commitment of innovative local business leaders in all sectors. We also should recognise the efforts of the bands of volunteers working tirelessly in the community, without their dedication the municipality would not be such a great place to live.

Council will continue to have financial pressures because of the need to keep rates low and yet provide the services the community needs and deserves. I have faith in our businesses to adapt and grow but Council will still need to work hard to attract new enterprises to provide more employment opportunities, especially for our young people as they finish their education. I believe in four years' time this municipality will continue to be one we should all be proud of.


Cr Hull can be contacted on:

Mobile: 0448 043 522