Request to Address Council

Request to Address Council

Council at its Ordinary Meeting held on Tuesday 16 May 2017 reviewed the process for addressing Council.

Questions to address the Council can be made without notice

The presenter will be allocated a maximum of three (3) minutes to present his or her address to the Council.  An extension of time may be granted by a resolution of Council.

During the presentation, the presenter may not address questions to Councillors or officers.

Two minutes will be allocated for Councillors to ask questions of the presenter, if required.

Following the presentation, Council may request a further report on the matter from officers.

Members of the public gallery are not allowed to communicate with Councillors and officers whilst the meeting is in progress.

Please refer to the Request to Address Council form for procedural guidelines.


Privacy Statement

The personal information on this form is collected as part of the administration of Council's meeting procedure for Public Question Time. The author's name and the question will be read out at the meeting and then recorded in the Council's Minutes, which are open to the public. The address and telephone details are for Council use only to respond to or clarify the question. The author may apply to Council for access and/or amendment of any personal information by calling 03 5355 0203