Alexandra Oval Community Centre - Application for Hire


Thank you for your enquiry. Please note that your booking request will be confirmed by the Events and Marketing Officer once received. Any requests to book the Centre will be tentative until confirmed

Applicant Details

Function Details


Venue Areas Required

Please seclect if required:

Equipment Required

Included in cost of hire is standard AV (projector/screen, use of Centre’s laptop, WiFi); tea, coffee and mints; kitchen and bar (if applicable).

Catering Details

Terms & Conditions of Hire


Please provide a copy of your organisation’s appropriate Insurance Policy, Certificate of Currency or proof of Public Liability Insurance.

Booking Cancellations

Ararat Rural City Council must be advised of all cancellations in writing no less than 7 days prior to the function.  Cancellations received outside this timeline may incur a booking cancellation fee.

Security Bond

If Alexandra Oval Community Centre’s bar is in operation during your function, a security deposit of $500 will be required to be paid prior to the hire date. This will be held as collateral and returned in full provided no damaged to the venue or surrounds takes place and the event is without incident.

Non Compliance:

In addition, Council will impose non-compliance charges for failure to comply with the conditions as set out in the Conditions of Hire.

The Conditions of Hire provide an undertaking from the hirer to pay for any damage to Council facilities during the function, or non-compliance charges as staged within these conditions.

Failure to pay any charges as invoiced may result in the refusal of future use of Council facilities.


Lost Fob


Failure to turn off electricity, gas heating and or cooling

Cost will be calculated and invoiced.

Damage (cost of repair and/or replacement plus administration charge)

Cost of repair and/or replacement plus administration charge.

Waste disposal

As determined by Council.

Failure to lock doors

Any fees incurred will be passed on.

Personal information collected on this form will only be used by Council for the purpose of administering the booking specified, and will not be disclosed without your consent except where authorised by law.



  1. An invoice for the hire fee will be posted at the start of the following month and must be paid within in the timeframe specified on the invoice. In exchange for payment, you will be allowed to use the property floor space, toilets and normal property furnishings during the period when the Hire Agreement applies.
  2. You must keep the property clean and tidy and in good repair and condition and leave it that way at the end of each time of hiring.
  3. No chairs or other equipment are to be removed from the property without prior consent.
  4. The fire doors are to remain free from obstruction at all times.
  5. When you leave the property all rubbish must be appropriately disposed of and everything used must be cleaned and returned to its original place of storage.
  6. You must cover and reimburse Council for any losses or damage incurred as a result of using the facility, including any claim made against Council by you, anyone connected with you, or anyone who attends the property as a result of your use of it.
  7. You must not allow anything to be done which might be of nuisance to, or damage the property of, the Council or the owners or occupiers of any other property in the neighbourhood, or which might adversely affect the insurance of the property.
  8. Council may designate a particular part of the property, which is the only part you are entitled to use throughout the term of the Hire Agreement.
  9. The Hire Agreement under no circumstances is to be considered neither a lease nor any other act and that this Hire Agreement confers no statutory rights of security of tenure conferred by relevant legislation.



To be read and signed by the authorised Applicant/Organisation representatives.

  1. All details provided are accurate and true and I/we are authorised to act on behalf of the applicant/organisation.
  2. The function will be organised and managed as I/we have described unless advised otherwise by the Ararat Rural City Council and/or its authorities.
  3. By signing the Application form/ Hire Agreement the applicant accepts the Conditions of Use.
  4. I understand that the Application will constitute approval and confirmation will be given within 14 days of lodgement.
  5. I hereby acknowledge receipt of the Evacuation Instructions (final page of application form), and am fully aware and accept the conditions as set out in that document.