Walks & Rides

Ararat is the centrepiece in a region of tranquil and inspiring natural attractions, including the Grampians National Park, Mount Langi Ghiran, Mount Cole, Mount Buangor, Ararat Hills Regional Park, and the Pyrenees Ranges.

Ararat Hills Regional Park

If you are passionate about mountain biking, put Ararat at the top of your list. From the peak of One Tree Hill down to its remote 4WD roads and through the tracks of Ararat Hills, you can explore Ararat’s native flora, fauna and picturesque surrounds. With tracks accessible to all ages and abilities, your family can explore for days.

One Tree Hill

Named for the distinctive old gum tree that once stood in isolation on the crest of the range forming Ararat’s western boundary, One Tree Hill offers unparalleled views over the surrounding landscape. To the west is the Grampians National Park, while Mount Langi Ghiran dominates the eastern skyline.

The northern aspect features the Black Range at the foot of which lie some of Australia’s most famous vineyards. The view southwards takes in the expansive plains of the Western District.


Green Hill Lake

Situated 2.5 kilometres east of Ararat on the Western Highway, Green Hill Lake is a popular camping stop for travellers. There is drinking water available, fireplaces, barbeques, picnic tables, chairs and even hot showers to keep you feeling refreshed during your stay. The lake precinct features walking tracks, including an excellent pathway from Ararat and passive rest areas.


Alexandra Park, Gardens and Lake

Enjoy the sanctuary of lakeside Alexandra Gardens. Land for the gardens was allocated in 1860 and plans laid out by Baron Von Mueller – the designer of Melbourne’s famous botanical gardens. The bulk of development work did not begin until 1902 with Hugh Linaker as curator. In 1907, the gardens flourished under the stewardship of 500 community volunteers who saw the gardens re-opened as Alexandra Park. Today, the gardens feature newly sealed walking paths, colourful flower beds and terraced lawns sloping to an ornamental lake. Be sure to visit the walk-in fernery or take advantage of the new exercise stations.


Langi Ghiran State Park

Rugged granite peaks and gentle sloping woodlands are the dominant features of this local landmark. A pleasant walk to the mountain summit presents a view of ancient Red Gums on the surrounding plains skirted by Mount Buangor in the east and the Grampians in the distant west. Lar-ne-jeering (Langi Ghiran) is Djab Wurrung language for 'home of the black cockatoo’.  


Mt Cole State Forest

Walk through cool fern gullies and alpine plateaus then rest to take in the views across the spreading plains to Langi Ghiran and the Grampians. Experience a night at the charming Beeripmo campground, then descend through spectacular tall forests of Mt Cole.