Notice of Development Plan Application No. DP 01/2020 - Green Hill Lake, Ararat

Please note, the scanned/copied documents on this web page are made available for the sole purpose of them enabling consideration and review as part of a planning process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The documents must not be used for any purpose which may breach any copyright. 

The land affected by the
application is located at:

Lot 1 PS094198 V08918, F520,

Lot 2 PS094198 V08918, F521,

Crown Allotment 20, Section B, V08983, F712,

Lot 1 TP443381A, V10828, F621,

Lots 3 & 4 TP443381A, V10828, F622,

Lot 2 TP443381A, V10828, F623,

Crown Allotments 8, 17, 18, 19 & B, Section B, V10877, F381

Crown Allotments 9, 10, 10A, 11, 12, 14, 16, Section B,V10877, F384

Crown Allotments 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, B & 15, Section B, V10877, F390

All Parish of Ararat

The application is for the Development Plan is:

Green Hill Lake Development Plan

The applicant for the Development plan is:

Beveridge Williams on behalf of Greenhill Lakes Estate Ararat Pty Ltd

The application reference number is:

DP 01/2020

You may look at the
application and any
documents that support the application at the office of the Responsible Authority. During the COVID-19 Pandemic applications are available online below

Ararat Rural City Council – Customer Services Vincent Street, Ararat Planning Department - (03) 5355 0228


Inspection of documents and plans can be done during office hours and is free of charge. Any copies requested will be at a charge.

Any person who may be affected by the Development Plan may make a submission to the planning authority. Submissions must be made in writing giving the submitter’s name and contact address, clearly stating the grounds on which the Development Plan is supported or opposed and indicating what changes (if any) the submitter wishes to make.

The Responsible Authority will not decide on the application before:   29 January 2021

If you make a submission, the Responsible Authority will tell you it’s decision.

Please be aware that copies of submissions received may be made available to any person for the purpose of consideration as part of the planning process. Any privacy concerns should be detailed in your submission.

Please send your written submissions to:

Post - Ararat Rural City Council, Planning Department, PO Box 246, Ararat   VIC   3377 

Email -


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